Neil Schoepp is the creator of Systems To Goals (STG), a strategy founded on the belief that we as individuals are the captains of our ship. That we and we alone have the power to choose the life we live. To chart our own course. All to often we hear:

  • It was meant to be
  • That’s all I know
  • That’s how I grew up
  • I had no choice

Well, we all have a choice. We can choose to chart our own life. Or we can choose to listen to others and live the same ‘ol, same ‘ol life. Our minds don’t really care what we choose. Our mind will implement what we tell it to. 



The STG system takes a holistic approach to goal setting. It brings together:


  • Psychology
  • Mindset
  • Habits
  • Goal Setting (F.A.S.T C.A.R goals)
  • Systems
All to help you build a strong foundation. We use many different techniques to help you understand the information so you can create your own unique strategy to implement.  


Neil R. Schoepp

Neil spent 40+ years in NYC where he grew up and hit every kids exacta. He first became a police officer and then a fireman. Through his 24 years of working the streets of NY he came face to face with fear and found numerous ways of harnessing it’s power and using that power to take action instead of becoming frozen by it. After speaking with so many people and learning about what has been holding them back he wrote a booklet titled FEAR: Making friends with it. A booklet that to help the individual understand that fear is actually a good thing. You can harness it’s energy to propel you forward, but only if you have the tools in hand to make the transition from fear to excitement.

Neil retired from the FDNY and is now managing his own residential Multifamily Portfolio and Co-Founded Kids Play Today a preschool which has grown to be the largest in the county. Neil also enjoys wood turning and fly fishing with his 2 children and wife of 22 years.