Achieving Success

The most successful individuals know that to become successful you need to implement systems.

Each day the most successful people from, the neighborhood mayor, to Bill Gates, all have one thing in common. They use systems to implement their strategies of success.

Systems are those actions we take consistently to produce an end result. Bill Gates coded, the neighborhood mailman walks the town in a very specific manner in order to efficiently get his work completed.

By building systems you become intentional about your growth. The systems become your road map from where you are presently to where you want to get to. Success is actually very simple in theory, but those things that are simple are also hard. Success comes down to one simple word. Consistency. It doesn’t matter if you want to invest in stocks, build more friendships, live a more healthy lifestyle, create the next Microsoft or Facebook. It all comes down to taking consistent action each and every day.

Michael Phelps didn’t become the most decorated Olympian by swimming just when he wanted to. Nor did Michael Jordan reach greatness by practicing one day here and one day there.

Success, in anything, comes down to consistent action. That action works in both the positive and the negative. So the person that eats McDonalds everyday for lunch is taking consistent action.

Learning to build systems and using the tools to keep you consistent is the key.

There are five elements to going from where you are now to where you want to be.

1. Mindset: Mindset is the foundation that holds up your system. Mindset will give you the tools to rely upon when things get difficult. Mindset is the thought process you use when faced with a situation. Each day we make hundreds of decisions. Hundreds of choices. All of them start from with in our mindset. Build a strong mindset build a strong and deserving life. 

2. Habits: Once you have a control on your mindset you can then move onto dropping bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Habits simply allow you to automate your day, week, month, life. Every walk into a dark room? What’s the first thing you do? Reach for the light switch? That’s actually a habit. Habits are designed to allow you to do something without even thinking. Your mind likes this because it’s one less thing it must think about. Dropping bad habits and building good ones, is not as easy as it sounds, that’s why we start with building a strong mindset. With the right mindset you can master habits. Master habits and you can start building consistency.

3. Goals: Goals give us something to aim at. Imagine if I got into a car and started to drive away and someone asked me where are you going? Well without a goal I would have no idea. There are solid ways of thinking about and forming goals so that they stick. This is the step where we will find clarity and clarity is the ultimate power. Clarity allows us to use consistency to take action. So that we can move forward and grow.

4. Systems: If goals are give us something to aim at systems gives us a way of achieving what we are aiming at. Systems allow us to break down those goals and systematically chip away at them so that we keep forward momentum. Systems gives us the tools to hit the goals. 

5. Systems to goals: Now we can put it all together. Using everything we have learned throughout the process we will create a system that we can use each and every day so that we can get to that goal we set. So we can find our life’s purpose. 

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