Taking back control of your thoughts...............

.................Even when you spend your day in Autopilot

From The Desk Of Master Coach Neil R. Schoepp                                                                                                 Shohola, PA

Dear Friend,                                                                                                                        If you would like to achieve your goals, become more successful, gain momentum and crush 2024, this will be the most important letter you have ever read. 

Here’s Why,

You Really Can Re-Frame Your Thoughts

What if you could change your thoughts and as a result of that experience life differently? How would that change your life? What would that mean to you? What else would you be able to accomplish?

So how is it possible? How can you re-wire your mind so that you experience a more fulfilling life?

Awareness, Is it really the key?

Albert Einstein once said:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them”

                   How many thoughts per day do you have? 

Ten?     Twenty?      100?    A Thousand?    What’s your guess?

According to one study the answer is approximately sixty-Thousand (60,000) yet we are only aware of a small fraction of that. 

We cannot change anything until we become aware that it is happening. 

There is a Harvard study that showed we spend close to 50% of our waking day in autopilot. Do you find that hard to believe? Think about a time you were in a blackout and walked into a dark room. What was the first thing you did? Did you reach for the light switch? Did you flick it up and down more than once?

Becoming aware is the first step you will learn in this thought training. 

Mindset is Foo Foo

First off if you truly believe that Mindset is Foo-Foo then I would suggest you stop now and leave. You’re just wasting your time here. 

If you are on the fence about Mindset. Maybe your Dad or a friend or a teacher said something derogatory about it and now that’s what you believe, I’ll just ask you this. 

Are they living a life you aspire to live? If you are looking to be financially free, are they? If you are looking to loose weight, have they? If you are looking to set Big Audacious Goals, do they? 

Let me tell you a story from my childhood. Each summer I would spend hours upon hours out back on the dock. I grew up literally over the water my house was built upon stilts. Every summer I would throw out the traps and lower the rings. As we caught the crabs we would toss them into buckets, as the crabs would start to climb out of the buckets other crabs would latch onto them and pull them back down. 

Don’t be a crab in the bucket. Don’t allow other peoples fears to hold you back. Now those close to you aren’t doing this because they want you to fail, just the opposite. They just don’t see what you see. They are still on autopilot. 

People will make fun of me

Yes they will! Why will they? Because you are in the wrong room!

Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

If you are going to find success, then you cannot be concerned with what others are saying about the journey you have chosen to take.  You need to put the Proximity effect into action. You see Proximity works just by the mere fact that you are near to. Doesn’t matter what you are near to. If you are in the company of the wrong individuals chances are you will incorporate their habits just to fit in. It goes to one of our human needs, connection. Funny thing is though that once you walk your path people that once called you crazy will call you lucky. Seldom will they ever ask you to show them. 


A.I.R is a three step method that adjust our default thought pattern. It allows us to take Einstein’s advice and change our thinking.

When I say “85% of our fears never come true.” Do you jump up and down in excitement or do you ask “What about the other 15%?”

We as humans tend to default to negative bias. Negative bias is a survival mechanism meant to keep us safe. Our mind will focus on and intensify the negative. It’s partly why the news is so negative, because they need to grab our attention. 

Negative Bias leads you to pay much more attention to the bad things that happen, this attention creates a feeling making them seem much more important than they really are.

                                      “Fears are paper tigers”

                                                                                 ~Amelia Earhart

A.I.R 3 steps to winning is a tool I use to intentionally direct my mind to a positive bias. 

A wareness…….We will discuss a method that when put into place reduced accidents by nearly 85%. All because the participants slowed down and became aware.

I nterupt……..We interrupt the thought and spend a moment with it.

R eplace……Next we replace the thought. We start to train our mind on what we want it to pay attention to. 

This isn’t positive thinking. This is a thought PROCESS. If I’m in the cold rain getting wet all the positive thinking of being warm and dry isn’t going to prevent me from being wet. “I’m dry, I’m dry, I’m dry” just isn’t going to work. 

When I’m in the cold rain getting wet I can either focus on how I’m probably going to catch a cold and be sick for the next week or I can focus on the beauty the rain brings. The flowers that will bloom, the water at the kitchen faucet, the sound as it hits the tin roof. One is a negative bias, the other a positive. Which do you believe will release neurotransmitters that benefit you and which will release neurotransmitters the won’t benefit you?

A.I.R when mastered can have a tremendous benefit on your life.

One Last thought..........

As you stand at the brink of transformation, remember this: Taking control of your thoughts is not just an option—it’s your power. You have opened a door to a world where your mindset is the architect of your destiny. Imagine a life where each thought propels you forward, where autopilot is replaced by vibrant awareness, and negative biases are swapped for visions of potential and progress.

By embracing the A.I.R method, you are not just changing your thoughts; you are setting the stage for monumental achievements. Let go of the crab bucket mentality and surround yourself with those who elevate, inspire, and challenge you to grow. Remember, the journey of redefining your life begins with a single, conscious decision to be aware, to interrupt the old patterns, and to replace them with empowering beliefs.

Step into your newfound power with enthusiasm. Challenge the status quo, see the beauty in your surroundings, and always reach for the heights of what you can achieve. Your thoughts have the power to transform not just your own life, but the world around you. Get ready to make 2024 your year of breakthroughs, accomplishments, and unbridled success. Let’s make it a year to remember, together!